Hygge Vibes

For me, winter is all about hygge. I love curling up with a good book, a blanket, and a mug of hot chai tea. As I thought about which books to include in this list, I realized that they don’t all fit into one category. For some people, hygge is all about peace and comfort. For others, it is the feeling you get while reading a scary book while it rains outside and you are safe and dry. And yet for others, it’s all about nostalgia. I think everyone would agree, though, that it’s all about getting a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

So here are my picks for all of your hygge vibes, whatever they may be.

Become a Hygge (and Fika) expert:


Enjoy a dark, cozy novel:



Revisit a classic:



Be inspired:



Find peace:



Lose yourself in another world:



Devour a sprawling novel:


What are your favorite books to get cozy with?

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