Hike It, Baby

The outdoors is a refuge for many, including my fellow mamas. There is something about the fresh air and movement that has a calming effect on little ones and on us, for that matter. I discovered an organization called Hike It Baby that puts together meetup hikes for families all over the world. I wanted […]

Dog Mountain

One of my favorite trails to visit in the spring is Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge. Situated on the north side of the river, its flanks are fully exposed to the south and all the sunshine. In the spring, the hillsides explode with the most brilliant yellows of arrowleaf balsomroot. This was the […]

Book Club Recap: April 2017

“Live. For Now. For the time being.” Time. It seems to be both elusive and abundant these days. Hours pass by like minutes as I play with Evie. We babble back and forth and I endlessly dance and sing and make silly faces just to make her laugh. When she cries, time slows and it […]

Road Trip: Painted Hills

Ten years ago, when I moved to Seattle and had my first real job, I bought the prettiest calendar I could find with pictures of beautiful landscapes. Every month I was excited to see what the next one would be. On one of those months, I flipped up to a picture of the Painted Hills […]

Road Trip: Smith Rock

Have you ever stumbled upon a place by pure accident that turned out to be amazing? Many years ago, it happened to me at Smith Rock State Park. I was taking a little road trip to Bend, Oregon and planning out my trip on Google maps, looking for anything interesting along the way. I found […]

A Rainy River Family Hike

This weekend we finally got out for our first family hike. The weather looked somewhat promising so we jumped at the chance to get out on the trails. We headed to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River for a low key meander through some beautiful forest. The trail begins by crossing the raging river on one […]

Evie’s First Hike

Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been thinking about baby’s first hike. Of all the firsts that she will have in this life, I was most excited for this one. I wanted it to be special, but as three months passed with never ending rain and as the realities of parenthood […]

Camp Reads: Mindfulness

  Mindfulness by Mark Williams & Danny Penman If you are curious about mindfulness but not really sure what exactly it is or where to start, this is a great introduction. This is basically an 8-week mindfulness class in a book, explaining the different types of mindfulness, why it works, and how to practice it […]

New Year, New Life

Hello, world! I am here. I exist, I’m alive and I thrive! I’ve emerged like a mama bear from hibernation with her baby cub. Yep, I’m back! And, I dare say, better than ever! I know what you’re thinking- wow, she’s hopped up on sleep deprivation and postpartum hormones and gone a little cray cray. […]