Mindfulness by Mark Williams & Danny Penman If you are curious about mindfulness but not really sure what exactly it is or where to start, this is a great introduction. This is basically an 8-week mindfulness class in a book, explaining the different types of mindfulness, why it works, and how to practice it […]


Antarctica: An Intimate Portrait by Gabrielle Walker This book is a great place to start for all things Antarctica. Walker spent a year on the white continent visiting several bases to see what it’s really like to live and work there. She follows scientists searching the Dry Valleys for tiny bacterial life that may give […]

Best of 2015

Phenomenal by Leigh Ann Henion After becoming a new mother, Leigh Ann set off on a quest to observe seven natural phenomena around the world: a butterfly migration, bioluminescent waters, Catatumbo lightning, a volcanic eruption, the northern lights, the great migration of Tanzania, and a total solar eclipse. This is a compelling travel story on […]