Book Club Recap: April 2017

“Live. For Now. For the time being.” Time. It seems to be both elusive and abundant these days. Hours pass by like minutes as I play with Evie. We babble back and forth and I endlessly dance and sing and make silly faces just to make her laugh. When she cries, time slows and it […]

Book Club Recap: Apr 2016

Deception Pass Headlands: 5.0 miles // 350 feet elevation gain I was surprised to find our biggest group yet on a cold and rainy Sunday. A few of us camped overnight at Bowman Bay and the others reported driving through heavy rain to meet us. But the group was armed with rain jackets and pack […]

Book Club Recap: Mar 2016

Old Sauk River Trail: 6.0 miles // 150 feet elevation gain As I drove to the Old Sauk trailhead, I was sure it would start raining any minute. The dark clouds hovered above the trees and mountains: Pilchuck, Three Fingers, then Whitehorse and the Twin Sisters, blazes of white against the gray. Along the Mountain […]